Riads in Marrakesh : English - speaking Riads in Morocco

Marrakech, otherwise known as the Red City, is set against the backdrop of the magnificent Atlas Mountains. It is a place which floods the senses with strange and overwhelming sights, sounds and smells, casting a strange, heady spell over the unsuspecting traveller.

As a guide it takes about 8 minutes to walk from riad 1 to the main square (Jemaa El Fna) and 3 minutes to walk to the souks.

  1. Darhani
  2. Dar Anika
  3. Dar Charkia
  4. Riad edward
  5. Dar El Souk
  6. Riad Tizwa
  7. Riad meriem
  8. Riad Jonan
  9. Riad Amira
  10. Riad O2
  11. Dar Soulahfa

There is much to see in Marrakech. Guides can be arranged on request (these cost £12.50 for a half day and £22 for a full day).

There are many places to visit in Marrakech and some of the most amazing restaurants in terms of décor, style and food. On arrival, guests will be given a map, and have at their disposal a variety of books and guides on Morocco and Marrakech. Some of the most popular places are listed below:

Morocco is a land of vast contrasts. Within 2 hours you can arrive at the refreshing, breezy, blue and white Atlantic seaside town of Essaouira, or be by the cooling streams and waterfalls in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Venturing further afield, on more adventurous journeys, you can cross the dizzy zigzag passes of the Atlas Mountains, into the fertile Souss plain, and beyond to the southern deserts and dunes.

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